yellow, pink, blue, purple and white spring or summer door wreath
oak shadow box quilt rack
brown and beige wall swag
walnut five quarter wall shelf
special event centerpiece
brendens oak wall shelf
oak six quarter wall shelf
pale gold, moss green and antique mauve wall swag
Welcome to the Sugar Creek Home Decor custom designed silk floral
door wreaths and swags for Summer, Spring, Fall, Christmas and
Home Decor, oak, cherry and walnut wood working and decorative
candle holders and vases online store.  Our specialty, is making your
home the beautiful place you have always dreamt of.  We offer exquisite
custom designed  silk flower arrangements such as: front door and
wall swags and wreaths, silk floral centerpieces, party centerpieces
and decorative candle holders and vases for weddings, graduations,
anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers and any
other special events. We also offer many gorgeous artificial seasonal
arrangements for Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas. Another one of
our specialties is our beautifully finished oak, cherry and walnut wall
shelves and plant stands.  We offer custom work in all of our silk flower
arrangements, special event centerpieces, decorative candle holders
and vases and our oak, cherry and walnut woodworking, so if you do
not see your exact need on our site let us know and we can create it for
you.  The possibilities are endless! We use the highest quality materials
in all our product offerings and take great pride in everything we create
so we can guarantee your complete satisfaction.
silk floral door wreaths and wall swags for spring summer fall and christmas
oak cherry and walnut wood wall shelves and plant stands decorative glass candle holders and vases
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oak pillar plant stand
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Sugar Creek Home Decor
167 Elm Street
Vaughnsville, Ohio 45893
sugar creek home decor
oak four tier plant stand
burgundy, mauve and cream wall swag
lime, rose pink and white door swag
five quarter single oak wall shelf
green and blue glitter decorative candle holders
pale gold, brown and burnt orange fall door wreath
periwonkle blue, burgundy red and cream decorative wreath
yellow, purple, red and orange fall door swag
moss green, cherry, pine and mauve door swag
lime, white and plum decorative wreath
Single 5/4 Walnut Wall
@ 24"L X 7.25"D
Natural Walnut
Made of 5/4" Thick
Silk Floral Wall Swag
Lavender, Purple and
@ 50"L X 18"H
Item #1140
lavender, purple and cream birch wall swag
red, white and blue patriotic wreath
Door Wreath
Item #1142
Red, White and Blue
with Stars
@ 27"L X 23"W