Silk Floral Arrangements by:
Cherrywood, Pine and Birch Silk Floral Table Arrangement
Cranberry and Cream Silk Floral Topiary
Cranberry, Peach and Cream Silk Flower Topiary
Raspberry and Mauve Silk Floral Table Arrangement
Sugar Creek Home Decor
Royal Blue, Azure Blue, Cranberry and Cream Silk Flower Centerpiece
Silk Floral Centerpieces & Table
Welcome to Sugar Creek Home Decor Silk Floral Table
Arrangements and Silk Floral Centerpieces. We offer
beautifully designed and unique silk floral table arrangements
and silk floral centerpieces that are sure to be beautiful
additions to any room in your home or business. We also offer
special order options on any of our silk floral arrangements for
those of you who need a different color, size or design.
~Silk Floral Arrangements~
Sugar Creek Home Decor
167 Elm Street
Vaughnsville, Ohio 45893
Dusty Mauve, Strawberry and Green Silk Floral Arrangement
Silk Floral Table
Dusty Mauve, Strawberry & Green
@ 36"H X 24"W
White, Red & Silver
@ 19"
Valentine Centerpiece
red, white and silver valentine centerpiece
Has Hearts!
Item #CPW101
Candle Not Included
Pink, Yellow, Lavender & Hot Pink
@ 20"
Spring Centerpiece
pink, yellow, lavender and hot pink centerpiece
Item #CPW102
Black, Gray, Silver & White
@ 19"
Leopard Centerpiece
Item #CPW103
Silver, Fushia, Black & White
@ 21"
Zebra Centerpiece
silver, pink, black and white zebra centerpiece
Item #CPW105
Black, Brown & Tan
@ 19"
Leopard Centerpiece
Item #CPW104
brown, black and tan leopard centerpiece
black, gray, silver and white leopard centerpiece