silk floral decorative swags
wall swag and door swag
Silk Floral Decorative Swags
Welcome to Sugar Creek Home Decor Silk Floral Swags.
Whether you are looking for a decorative swag for your front
door or a wall in your home or place of  business, we offer
many unique and beautifully designed silk floral swags that will
surely add exquisite style to your wall or door.
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Sugar Creek Home Decor
167 Elm Street
Vaughnsville, Ohio 45893
Yellow, Purple,
Orange and Red
@ 37"L X 21"W
yellow, purple, red and orange fall door swag
Item #1096
Door Swag
Silk Floral Wall Swag
plum and pink wall swag
Item #1122
Plum and Pink
@ 52"L X 19"H
Silk Floral Wall Swag
Silk Floral Wall Swag
Blue, Navy and Cream
@ 52"L X 19"H
Item #1120
@ 44"L X 17"H
Item #1121
blue, navy and cream wall swag
red wall swag